ISBN-13: 978-1732414006


Liz desires to be married, but she chose a man just like her father who lied, cheated and ultimately left his family. After a year of wishing her ex-boyfriend and father of her son would come back, Liz is devastated to learn he is engaged. Despite the difficult news, Liz is determined to press forward and find true love and eventually marry.   


Anthony is a successful man living a dream life and happily married only to his career. As a top fashion photographer, he has no trouble keeping many of the world’s top models in his bed, but his heart is a different matter. Anthony meets Liz and is instantly attracted to her. The feeling is mutual and the two fall in love quickly.


After a blissful courtship. Liz and Anthony’s “happily ever after” is threatened by one of Anthony’s disgruntled ex-lovers. When Liz learns the truth about Anthony the night before their wedding, she must decide if she is capable of forgiveness and love deep enough to accept Anthony for who he is.



Praise for Undefiled

"Ooh wee! I love this novella! It’s a easy read, thought provoking and definitely a page turner! The characters are well developed and you grow a fondness to them quickly. Take note, there are some lines that are true gems for the soul. Perfect for a book club discussion!"

"Undefiled is a great read! The pages turn quickly, with humor, thoughtfulness, an attention to detail, and relatable characters. Tolson's spirit shines through in her writing! I would highly recommend it- and especially for a Christian audience!"

Single and Saved

ISBN-13: 978-1512326345

Ty Samuels is trying to enjoy her single life while following God's Word, so she joins a Bible Study class for young single Christians. However, remaining chaste will not be easy after she meets the tall, good-looking NBA star who has everything but decides he wants Ty.


Why Are Church Folk Poor?

ISBN-13: 978-1983515910


The world discovered the "Secret" and began prospering. The law of attraction was no secret to those of us in the church who have been reading and memorizing Biblical scriptures since childhood. Unfortunately, many of us have not accepted that the law of attraction is indeed a principle of God.


If you are tired of watching others prosper while you rely on a miracle from God every month just to make ends meet, then you need to read this book. It will help you elevate your thoughts and exercise your faith. This book will also help you decide what an abundant life looks like for YOU.


Praise for Why Are Church Folk Poor


"Initially, I thought this book was a retool of Norman Vincent Peale's principles taken in modern-day context like using the "Visual Board." However, this book is more than that, as the writer is not afraid to challenge Christians to think that being rich is equated with being greedy and un-Christian. The explanations in each chapter are pretty straightforward and the exercises following each chapter are very effective in guiding and helping the reader reflect on and making positive changes to long-held attitudes of 'poverty'. I recommend this book to every Christian who want to stop being poor and to stop feeling guilty and unworthy if they amass wealth the right way. This is a recommended reading for all who desire abundance in their lives, but not at the expense of others."

 "Informative and entertaining, this easy to read reference forces you to examine your relationship with money. Both scripture and pop culture references illustrate pivotal points that may very well change your perception of wealth. Worksheets at the end of each chapter facilitate quick self-analysis. If you want to break the cycle of lack, this is the book you need to read for the New Year!"

"Having spent a great deal of time in ministry leadership and counseling, I was always deeply bothered by the fact that people were spiritually enriched but often going home to poverty; barely getting by; or living in perpetual lack. It's a subject I raised so often that seemingly fell on deaf ears. So when I began this book, I was instantly captivated! I couldn't put it down because Ray put into words what I'd known and witnessed for so long. She eloquently dissects scripture and shows very clearly how it aligns with the Universal laws of abundance. The book is easy to read, filled with depth, packed with power, and practical at the same time. A 'must have' for the person committed to learning beyond what is often taught in religious settings."
Impress Him With Your Football Knowledge

ISBN-13: 978-1514269916

​​A guide for the woman who wants to know more about the game of football to impress the man in her life or to attract the man of her dreams. 

Praise for Single and Saved

"I enjoyed this book from the first page and it kept me engaged all the way until the end. I can relate with Ty because it can be extremely difficult to want to do one thing, but the Word says that you must do it another way. Following in the steps that God has ordered can be challenging, especially by living in this world, but if you continue your covenant relationship with Him, He will not only guide you through it, but will make the provisions necessary along the way. One thing that I noticed is that, as in Ty’s case, whenever you are walking along in faith, temptation that can trip you up the most easily comes along subtly. If you are a believer, this book will motivate, encourage and empower your life. Add this book to your library; you won’t regret it." 

-By Vernita Naylor for Readers’ Favorite

 "What an amazing book! Anyone who reads this book will not be disappointed."

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