Creativity Coach

Why do you need a creative coach?

  • Inspires you to think and dream bigger

  • Helps you move past creative blocks

  • Holds you accountable, which makes you more productive

  • Provides emotional support to overcome self-doubt, anxiety and rejection

"Negativity is the enemy of creativity."

- David Lynch

I believe that creativity is a gift God gives to us all. I do not limit my creativity to only writing books. I have written songs, acted on stage, choreographed dances, designed my master bathroom, and I plan on trying my hand at painting. Nevertheless, I can best help creatives who want to write their first book, fiction or nonfiction.
I can help you with:
  • confidence 
  • your why and who you are writing for
  • a writing plan
  • character development (fiction)
  • story structure (fiction)
  • the business of self-publishing
If you are serious about finally getting that book out of your head and onto the page, I can help.
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