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Are you ready to elevate your thoughts about money?

No matter how much you want or even need more money, your negative beliefs about money will keep you broke. I can help you elevate your thoughts and change your mindset about money.


Dr Raykel Tolson

Take control of your



Stop burying your head in the sand when it comes to your finances. Take control of the money you currently have and make plans to have the money you desire. I can help you find money you didn't know that you had, then help you save and grow money risk-free and tax-free.

 Do you know how
Money Works?

It's important to learn how money works. I work with a company with a mission to educate women and Middle America about money matters.


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Insight without Action is



I've known for a while that I need to become more financially savvy and responsible, but Dr. Tolson made me realize that now is the time. Her dedication to encouraging me to reach my goals was the push I needed to do better for myself and my family.

-TSgt Akaycia Raymundo



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The world discovered the "Secret" and began prospering. The law of attraction was no secret to those of us in the church who have been reading and memorizing Biblical scriptures since childhood. Unfortunately, many of us have not accepted that the law of attraction is indeed a principle of God.


If you are tired of watching others prosper while you rely on a miracle from God every month just to make ends meet, then you need to read this book. It will help you elevate your thoughts and exercise your faith. This book will also help you decide what an abundant life looks like for YOU.

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Having spent a great deal of time in ministry leadership and counseling, I was always deeply bothered by the fact that people were spiritually enriched but often going home to poverty; barely getting by; or living in perpetual lack. It's a subject I raised so often that seemingly fell on deaf ears. So when I began this book, I was instantly captivated! I couldn't put it down because Ray put into words what I'd known and witnessed for so long. She eloquently dissects scripture and shows very clearly how it aligns with the Universal laws of abundance. The book is easy to read, filled with depth, packed with power, and practical at the same time. A 'must have' for the person committed to learning beyond what is often taught in religious settings.


-Dr. Leticia DeSuze



Informative and entertaining, this easy to read reference forces you to examine your relationship with money. Both scripture and pop culture references illustrate pivotal points that may very well change your perception of wealth. Worksheets at the end of each chapter facilitate quick self analysis. If you want to break the cycle of lack, this is the book you need to read for the New Year!


- Lilka Raphael


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